Another very unique service that Nomad Management provides is to function as a placement
and consultation company for many top U.S. and European modeling agencies who may be less
familiar with the various and contrasting career opportunities available in Asia. Our knowledge
of these distant markets is not merely based on telephone or email contact with the local
agencies and clients, it is grounded in the first-hand experience of having lived and worked
in many Asian cities for the better part of five years.
Each year, we return to some of the staple markets such as Tokyo and Singapore, as well as explore and investigate emerging markets like Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur. This allows us not only to keep up with the changes that are inevitable to any market,but also to get a feel for the safety of these cities, visit the apartments where the models will stay, and actually experience the particulars of each
country’s airport and immigration procedures.

Further, by exploring the budding fashion scene of these New markets, we provide the models we place with the advantage of living and working in cities before they are saturated with more developed models who lift the competition.